St Lucia Paradise Island Come and Rediscover You

Looking to get something more or completely different from your every day life?
Come and rediscover this Paradise island

Uniquely Beautiful and Spectacular, St Lucia will inspire you to Living

 St Lucia a spectacular, uniquely, beautiful island continues to inspire and invigorate us every day.  We thought therefore  why not share all this beauty and inspiration with you, from the point of view of a typical local family.

This site is for everyone and so is our beautiful country.  We invite you to enjoy our experiences with us and to share yours also. 

This lush, tropical island has so much to offer yet so much is hidden from the average person. So don't be average any more . No matter what challenges you may be faced with you can be inspired here. Get back your spark and start living again.

It actually has taken years for us to find and appreciate the heavenly tranquility and masterpiece that is this 238 square miles, rising from the edges of the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea.

Maybe you just want to celebrate an achievement  or reward someone or even you, this tropical gem is yours and ours to enjoy.

Two Noble Prize Winners and More

It is not by chance that a small country like this Caribbean Hideaway can offer these two brilliant men :

  1. Sir Arthur Lewis - Nobel Prize winner for Economics
  2. Hon Derek Walcott - Nobel Prize winner for Literature

Get to rediscover You!

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