May Day 2014 How To Celebrate Labour Day

by William Smith
(Saint Lucia)

In the past, May Day in St. Lucia was one of expected workers activities and celebrations. Let's say May Day used to be May Day, but not any more.

With the state of the economy and everyone having to cut back on spending, saving, business and most other activities, it would be hypocritical if anyone would anticipate it would be a Happy May Day. In fact I find it hard to congratulate workers on this their supposedly Special Day.

Presently Trade Union leaders are not interested or incapable of motivating workers to recognise and appreciate their importance and power as workers. Preferring to always look out for themselves and what deals they can hatch somewhere in a little hole with any personality they may feel they can get something from, trade unionists continue to sell out their principles and signed agreements to the highest bidders. This something unfortunately can be anything. So-called leaders certainly have one objective in mind and that is accumulating personal wealth and position. Not that there is something unusual in accumulating wealth but when workers are used by their leaders for such purposes it cannot be just.

If you are a public servant, there are two entities who will benefit from a proposed cut in salary:

1. The Government and it's top functionaries as they will have more to keep wasting
2. Our Trade Union leaders who will be juggling for deals.

We as workers and the Country on the whole, will always lose out certainly as a result of a reduction in consumer confidence and a more depressed local economy.

So how should workers observe May day now in St. Lucia? Of course there is no theme of Solidarity any more, at least not as preached decades ago. Have you heard or do you remember slogans such as:

"Workers, Unite!" or "Forward ever Backwards Never"?

Well don't expect rallies and church services any more. Our leaders have their appointments already with their agents, masters and match-makers.

So how should we should celebrate The day? The best way to observe and celebrate your May Day in the 21st Century is to empower yourself as a worker. This calls for working even harder than you are already doing. Here are some things that all of us as workers should be doing:

1. Educate ourselves continuously - retooling, re-educating.
2. Always take advantage of opportunities when they are offered.
3. Learn to maximise resources whether it be time, money, human resources; all and anything at our disposal.
4. Learn to create real value in everything we do.
5. Gather all the experience and knowledge you can from your present work place. Let it be another learning institution. Practice the positives and be on your guard for negativity.

In case you may not have noticed, not every worker has a holiday today. So if you must work today, thanks and congratulations. You are a true and real worker:

Police and other security personnel
Health care
Hotel and tourism-related

So Happy May Day to you all.

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May 10, 2014
Inspiring Piece
by: Anonymous

Thanks for the inspiration for workers struggles.

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