Online Ordering For Local Businesses

by Gerard Saltibus
(Saint Lucia)

Castries 20th May, 2014:

A new regional venture, Caribbean Ordering, has just made it easier for local businesses anywhere to take advantage of their local market. With this sophisticated platform businesses get the following:

1. A fully functional e-commerce website.

2. Capability to take orders from customers using their phone, pc and from anywhere on the road, home, work or in-store.

3. Ability to get paid online, thereby solving the merchant account problem that many small businesses worldwide are facing.

4. Customers can also get online reservations or appointments.

5. Backed by a competent support multi-disciplinary team.

6. Customers get served in minutes and can get deliveries in just hours not days.

Although the name Caribbean Ordering refers to the Caribbean, we welcome businesses from anywhere in the world that sees the advantage of retailing to customers. Get more information from:

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