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In Time of Need, Reliable Yet Affordable Professional St Lucia Health Services Will Be Comforting Whenever You are here.

Access reliable, affordable yet professional St Lucia health services whilst you are in St Lucia. These services are both visitors and residents. In your time of need  be assured that you have health services providers that you can rely upon.


You may be in need of a refill prescription or a prescription medication. Don't get too desperate. Here is your solution:

Online Prescription Services 

Book A Doctor is a referral service which allows you to be put into contact with a registered physician who will be able to provide you with the care that you may need during your trip. You are used to booking a hotel, a taxi and other services. Now you can book a doctor as part of planning your trip.

Book A Doctor

Medical Plans

Medical Plans will guarantee you affordable care when you need it the most. Tailored for the commonest situations, do not be without one to satisfy your greatest need.:

  1. Personal/Medical
  2. Group/Family Plans
  3. Call Out Doctor
  4. Visitor Plan

Find A Doctor Now

Finding a Doctor Now will help gain you valuable time to do additional things. A solution even better than your traditional appointment system is provided here. Benefit from timely care even outside of normal hours, weekends and public holidays

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